Ariana Grande is enjoying the ‘magical’ return to England

Ariana Grande shocked all fans and critics during her first concert in Britain since the attack on Manchester at the O2 Stadium in London on Saturday night.

The American singer performed a set of 24 songs complete with neon limo and dinner entertainment.

“Thanks to the opening night of the magic, Grande was used later.

It was his first fitting demonstration on British soil since a bomb exploded killing 22 people after a show at Manchester Stadium in 2017.

“London, I love you,” the 26-year-old said online.

“I’m so happy to be back!” she added.

Her world-touring tour of Sweetener was heavily based on the hit of the album of the same name, including God is a Woman and No Tears Letting Go, as well as the title track of her latest LP, Thank You, Next. .

Community Community members also joined the star for the release of their new song Producer.

The gardener gave a three-out of five star show, saying that the emerging singer is offering “female anthem songs that please the crowd,” while her fans bring “a serious illness.”

“The rabbit ears that were once his business have disappeared,” Alexi Petridis wrote, but “the top ponytail is bigger than ever and her fans are screaming every time she pushes it with her fingers.”

Grande has been tapeing frequently and sincerely about her mental health problem since the bomb tragedy two years ago and the subsequent death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, and Petridis noted that “more vocal responses are provided by Breathin ‘ , a song about overcoming fears and anxiety attacks. ”

“Anyone who wants to hear her open her heart goes home unhappy,” she concluded however, as the singer could not directly address any incident from the action.

The Telegraph also gave Grande a five-star rating, describing her show as “a crazy night with the adventurous pop star of the pop.”

Adam White said “music has become a cure” for the singer, “providing refuge against a series of recent years, each acting as a bad veil of what has been creative and business flourishing.”

One Last Time, which delighted the vulnerable crowd, was known for its absence, but it did not stop it from releasing the four-star festival, calling it “one of the most exciting pop shows of the year.”

Douglas Greenwood wrote that Grande had found “an endless wonder wall of pop, full of small balls cracked,” which included fake money that fell from the ceiling and a 2014 1 song translation just under a spectacular and beautiful moon.

“Since she here today,” he added, it’s a little miracle.

Grande will play two more concerts at the same venue this week before returning emotionally to Manchester this Saturday to play Pride.

The pop star became an honorary Mancunian after putting on a star-studded fundraiser and quickly planning a romance from Manchester at Old Traord Cricket Ground just two weeks after the Manchester Arena bombing.

Florida-born Superstar will surely have something similar in the manga for fans in his adopted city.


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