Fast and the Furious director Rob Cohen accused of sexual assault

Fast and the Furious and xXx director Rob Cohen faces a new accusation of sexual assault, following claims earlier this year that he sexually abused his own daughter when she was a child. The new accusation is of a woman who says she was raped by Cohen four years ago, with contemporary records confirming that she sought treatment for sexual assault at that time.

This is the last of a long list of stories about high-profile Hollywood actors, directors and producers who have been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior and aggression. In particular, producer Harvey Weinstein faces multiple criminal charges of rape and sexual assault, with his trial date now set for January 2020. X-Men director Bryan Singer has also been accused of sexually assaulting men and boys only 13 years old. and nine women accused Léon’s director, Luc Besson, of sexual assault.

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The Huffington Post reports that a woman called Jane met with Cohen in 2015 to discuss collaborating on a TV project. Jane says that after initially meeting Cohen at a cigar lounge, he moved the meeting to a restaurant near his hotel and encouraged her to drink from a carafe of wine he had ordered. She says that although she can’t recall drinking enough alcohol to black out and “it did not feel like being very drunk,” she found herself regaining consciousness in Cohen’s hotel room with the director sexually assaulting her, at which point she “jolted out of bed and threw up.” Medical records reviewed by HuffPost confirm that she sought treatment for sexual assault afterwards, and HuffPost also spoke to two people close to Jane who said that she’d told them about the incident at the time.

Jane told others about her meeting with Cohen over the years, but only decided to go public after Cohen’s daughter, Valkyrie Weather, accused him in February 2019 of molesting her when she was still a toddler, and claimed that he had taken her to visit sex workers when she was just 13 in an effort to “turn [her] straight” (Weather is transgender). Cohen’s first wife, Dianna Mitzner, corroborated Weather’s claims, saying that she had witnessed Cohen’s alleged assault of their daughter when Weather was just two years old. At the time, Cohen denied the claims, calling them “categorically untrue.”

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Cohen’s lawyer, Martin Singer (who also represented Bill Cosby and other men accused of sexual assault), responded to the new allegations with a 13-page letter denying any wrongdoing, saying that HuffPost’s story was an “outrageous defamatory hit piece” and that the alleged sexual assault was “vehemently disputed and denied by my client.”

Weather responded to Jane’s allegations on Twitter, saying, “Earlier this year I outed my father, film director Rob Cohen, as a rapist and child molester. This morning, another woman came forward.” She encourages people to read and share Jane’s account of her experiences with Cohen.


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