Man city striker Sergio Aguero involved in car crash before Manchester City training

Sergio Agüero was involved in a car accident on his way to Manchester City training on Wednesday morning. The Argentine was heading to the Etihad Campus of the City today when he was involved in a “minor incident” that caused significant damage to his Range Rover. SkySports reports that Agüero was not injured in the accident and was able to participate fully in the City’s training session on Wednesday afternoon without the need for medical attention. The forward did not participate in Argentina’s set-up over the international break and remained in the northwest.

Taking to Instagram after the incident, Aguero released a photo of his damaged car. The Argentine also said: ‘What a great morning’

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Man City will be relieved that Aguero, their top scorer this term, was unhurt in the accident.
Sky Sports presenter David Gorrido said:

[quote font=”georgia” arrow=”yes”]‘We understand he is unhurt after being involved in a small car collision, we’ve been told that he’s had a bump this morning. ‘It’s been described as a minor plan, but has reported to the CFA – City Football Academy as well as the rest of the ancestor City squad and we understand he didn’t need to be checked the by medical team.’ It’s not the first time that Aguero has been involved in such an incident with the former Atletico Madrid striker suffering a fractured rib following a trip to Amsterdam in 2017. [/quote]Guardiola warned Aguero at the time of his responsibility as a Manchester City player and as a father.

‘I only knew this morning when I woke up [of the accident],” Guardiola said in 2017. ‘I don’t want to know what my players do. If they are fathers [Aguero is], they have a full responsibility on their shoulders on and off the pitch. They know what they have to do. ‘I have a private life, a family. There are rules and ways to live between each other and that’s all.’


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