Tanzania Zip Code -Tanzania Postal Code

Tanzania Zip Code-All Region

Tanzania Zip codes / Tanzania Postal Code as provided by Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA)Tanzania Zip Code -Tanzania Postal Code

Arusha zip code 23000 (Northern Zone)
Dar Es Salaam zip code 11000 (Costal Zone)
Dodoma zip code 41000 (Central Zone)
Geita zip code 30000 (Lake Zone)
Iringa zip code 51000 (Southern Highlands Zone)
Kagera zip code 35000 (Lake Zone)
Katavi zip code 50000 (Southern Highlands Zone)
Kigoma zip code 47000 (Central Zone)
Kilimanjaro zip code 25000 (Northern Zone)
Lindi zip code 65000(Costal Zone)
Manyara zip code 27000 (Northern Zone)
Mara zip code 31000 (Lake Zone)
Mbeya zip code 53000 (Southern Highlands Zone)
Morogoro zip code 67000 (Costal Zone)
Mtwara zip code 63000 (Costal Zone)
Mwanza zip code 33000 (Lake Zone)
Njombe zip code 59000 (Southern Highlands Zone)
Pwani zip code 61000 (Costal Zone)
Rukwa zip code 55000 (Southern Highlands Zone)
Ruvuma zip code 57000 (Southern Highlands Zone)
Shinyanga zip code 37000 (Lake Zone)
Simiyu zip code 39000 (Lake Zone)
Singida zip code 43000 (Central Zone)
Songwe zip code 54100 (Southern Highlands Zone)
Tabora zip code 45000 (Central Zone)
Tanga zip code 21000 (Northern Zone)


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