Bank of Baroda Net Banking; Bobibanking Login

Bank of Baroda Net Banking

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Bank of Baroda Net Banking
Bank of Baroda Net Banking

Bank of Baroda

Baroda Bank is an Indian banking and financial multinational. Baroda Bank is among the leading and most important public sector banks in the country. It has 131 million clients in the country and several branches worldwide. The bank offers all banking services, including network banking service, where customers can transact and bank through the online process, namely Baroda connect. The service is available to corporate and retail clients. The net banking portal works 24 hours a day and is more convenient.

How to Register in Bank of Baroda Net Banking?

Here we’ll take you through step by step guide on how to register Bank of Baroda Net Banking. There are two official registrations method that you can choose from,

  1. online Method
  2. offline method

online Method

BOB Net Banking online Register process

Step 1

Visit the official Bank of Baroda website page

Step 2

On the homepage, click on the option not registered (for the retail user) to proceed to the click here to activate net banking for saving the account tab.

Baroda Net Banking

Step 3

Next, enter verification details such as the card type, card number, expiry date, ATM PIN then click on the Next button after the term verification.

Step 4

There after the system will send an OTP number to the registered mobile number, use it for authentication and then click on the Next button. Proceed and enter all required details such as name, address, and registered mobile number.

Step 5

On the type of facility tab, the customer can choose the option view rights only. The option applies if the customer wants to view and not make any transfers. They can also choose both options both view and Txn right; this means they can view and even make transfers.

Step 5

After selecting both options, the customer has to set a user id, sign-on password, and a transaction password then click the next button to complete the step. The page will show a confirmation text together with the user id.

Bobibanking Login

Now click on the close window tab and log in to the official BOB website page. Use the user id and password set in the above steps and explore the services provided by the net banking portal.

Register in Bank of Baroda Net Banking offline

  1. Visit any Bank of Baroda bank branch and collect the net banking registration form (retail form and corporate form).
  2. Fill in the required details and signatures then submit the filled-in form to the same branch.
  3. The bank executives will send the user id and password through a courier, using the credential given you can access the online net banking account.

How to transfer funds using the BOB net banking portal?

Customers can transfer funds via NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS using the BOB net banking portal.

  • Visit the official website page and click on the button Baroda connect.
  • Enter the required details such as user id and transaction password to proceed.
  • Next click on the link transfer to another bank NEFT/RTGS
  • Fill in the requested beneficiary details such as name, account number, and other crucial information.
  • Recheck to confirm the transfer funds.


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