The best computer software is not about cost (or lack thereof), but about a new opportunity and code gathering that puts your silly computer hardware to smart use

Whether you have bought a new PC or reinstalled Windows, the first task you will probably do is install applications.

While there are dozens of amazing Windows programs, find out what are the must-have programs for Windows 10 set up a new easy install and good computer experience.

Here we have compiled a list of best computer software to get you started. From security utilities to productivity tools, and many suggestions for the intermediate areas, with a special emphasis on excellent free software that can be downloaded immediately.

1. Internet browser: Google Chrome


Chrome Browser is one of the best web browsing software for all computers and because of that Google Chrome is our top browser pick. Google Chrome browser is completely free and is available for Android, Linux, Mac and Windows users. Chrome offer millions of extensions, so you don’t need to leave your browser. If you want the best browsing experience then Download Google Chrome browser for your computer.

2. Media Player: VLC


Thanks to YouTube’s ubiquitous nature, you probably don’t watch local videos too often. However, you should still keep a solid video player around on your desktop for when you need to play media files locally. VLC media is one of the best free media players for all types of platforms like Android, Windows, Mac, and  Linux.Nothing beats VLC Media Player, which packs a ton of features and is capable of playing nearly every video and audio format imaginable. VLC is totally free and comes with lots of features. Features that you don’t compare with other media players.

3. Internet Download Manager (IDM)


If you want to increase your download speed, then this software will do wonders for you. IDM is the best download manager now available as examined by any other download manager like DAP, Microsoft Lightweight Download Manager, Orbit and many others. So it is a must have software if you often download large files from the Internet.

4. File compression and extraction: 7-Zip


Windows includes native support for simple compressed files, but anything beyond the basics requires a more powerful software.

While this is not the most exciting category of software, it is important to have it in order to work with any type of archived files that you may encounter.

7-Zip is the gold standard for file extraction and compression applications. It is small and installs in seconds, it is easy to use, and stays out of your way when you’re not using it. Those who need advanced features will still find them at 7-Zip, though.

5. Security & Ant-Virus


The security of your system must be the most important thing you must do to move forward. Always remember Prevention is cheaper (sometimes free) than cure in case of computer damage by various threats. So it is always better to opt for a strong ‘Anti-virus Software’ that would meet all your needs.

It is the essential application if you use the Internet on your computer. The Internet simply opens the doors to criminals to enter your PC. Therefore, having a good antivirus with Internet security is something that you must consider.

There are several free antivirus available on the Internet such as Avira, Avast. However in this article we have recommend the use of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Windows 10 includes Windows Defender, which is a good enough antivirus for most people. However, it is advisable to keep a secondary security program installed.

For this, you cannot stop think about Malwarebytes. The free version allows you to scan your system for malware that your antivirus might not catch AND for a powerful combined security solution we think it is worth upgrading to Malwarebytes Premium is worth the cost.

6. Microsoft Office


If we talk about business, MS Office comes first. Even a student needs MS Office to complete various projects. MS Office is not free either, but no one uses the paid version because the cracked version is easily and readily available on the internet. Therefore, it is the essential software on your computer.

7 BitTorrent


Well, the use of torrent sites is slowly decreasing from the internet. However, there are many people who still use Torrent services. The tool allows users to download large media files and allows to use their own bandwidth to help others download these files.

8. File recovery software-Recuva


It happens many times that we delete some important files accidentially and then regret this action for quite some time.But we may have something to ensure that this does not happen again.

Every time you delete a file, even from the Recycle Bin, the file is not erased from the face of the earth. Their part is still on the hard drive, and you can use it to recover your file (Yay!).

But here comes the question of “How?” …, and instantly we give you a solution: “Recuva”.

Recuva, a file recovery tool, helps the user to recover and restore their deleted files on the system.

After loading the software, the user only has to choose which file they want to recover and from which

Location. Once the search is configured, the software will start a scanning process and search for the files that match criteria entered. The user can subsequently select the files to be recovered. There is one another file recovery software named EaseUS which also do the very great work.

9.Folder Lock


Well folder lock is another best software that everyone should have on their Windows computer. The tool does a great job of hiding all your important files. The mini tool basically gives you a password protected vault where you can store your most important files and folders.

Bonus Software

A. F.lux
We are all guilty of embedding our eyes onto our computer screens till the late hours of the night. But there’s one
app that will help in reducing eye strain and improving the sleep patterns.

f.lux, a multi-platform application, adjusts the brightness and screen light automatically depending upon the color
of the room one’s in, time of the day, and the light sources around.

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