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Brela Online Registration System ORS

BRELA ORS login: The Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA) is an Executive Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade responsible for business administration and regulation of the laws; namely Companies Registration, Business Names Registration, Trade, and Service Marks Registration, granting of Patents and issuing of Industrial License. It was established under the Government Executive Agencies Act No. 30 of 1997 and formally launched on 3rd December 1999. BRELA Online Registration System (Brela Online Business Registration System ORS) Is a web-based application established to operate as always open BRELA Office that can be accessed easily from anywhere. The system offers different services online 24hour/7 without one visit BRELA office. Here we’ll take you through Brela Online Business Registration System ORS including Brela company registration procedures and Brela ORS login.


The Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA) established a modern Online Registration System (ORS) which includes the registration of Companies, Commercial Names, Trade and Service Marks, and their respective post registrations, Issuance of Patents and Industries Licenses. The system will allow clients to access all BRELA services wherever they are without visiting BRELA’s facilities, at any time of the day. BRELA has begun to provide online services in modules starting with the Industrial Property services: Trademarks and Service Trademarks and the Registration of Patents and Companies.

What BRELA Online Registration System (ORS) Do?

Below are the services that can be accessed with BRELA Online Registration System (ORS):

  • You can register a new business name. You can update particulars of exiting business names. You can pay an annual maintenance fee. You can apply for cessation. You can update data.
  • You can register a new company. You can change the particulars of an existing company. You can file company-related documents and annual returns.
  • You can register Industrial License. You can change the particulars of the existing Industrial License. You can file an annual progress report. You can cancel an existing Industrial License.
  • You can register a service or trademark. You file mark-related documents.
  • You can register a patent. You can file patent or utility model-related documents.
  • You can apply and extract short or detailed information about the business name, company, industrial license, mark, or patent. You can also order Mark index review.

Brela company registration procedures & BRELA ORS login

In order to start company registration in Brela Online Business Registration System ORS, you must first register a user account in BRELA Online Business Registration System ORS, A user account will hold your personal info and will be used for purposes of signing into the system and of course give you access to BRELA ORS services.

Creating an account in BRELA ORS

  • National Identification Number (NIN) from NIDA
  • Passports For Foreigners who want to register a company
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) issued by their Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)
  • Memorandum and Article of Association

Steps for Creating an account in BRELA ORS

Step 1:

Open the web browser of your choice and Visit BRELA’s Online Registration System (ORS) Link-provided below DIRECT LINK HERE
Step 2:

Once the link opened Click on“Create ORS Account” as shown below


Step 3:

Thereafter you will be redirected to the BRELA ORS registration page where you will be required to fill registration with your correct personal information such as Nationality, Date of birth, National ID, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Gender, Mobile telephone No, E-mail Address, Password. Once you completed filling the form you must complete the captcha by typing in the number shown on the picture as shown below

brela tz

Thereafter Tick the field “Privacy and liability” checkbox accepting privacy and liability terms and then click on the “SUBMIT” Button.

Step 4:

An email with an activation link and login details will be sent to the email you use during registration. Follow the instructions indicated in the email to complete register your user account for the BRELA ORS system.


To Login to your BRELA ORS account visit BRELA’s Online Registration System (ORS) using the link below DIRECT LINK HERE

But this time you need to select “E-Services for registered users”.Thereafter you will be redirected to the BRELA ORS login page where you must provide your user name and your password in the fields in order to login into the ORS system.

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