CRDB Internet Banking Login And How To Register

CRDB Internet Banking

CRDB internet banking Is an all-time opened crdb branch that provides users instant access to online financial management. Online Banking made it possible for customers to easily access their account information and perform various transactions securely and conveniently 24hour/7 right at the customer’s fingertip without the need to be at the bank compound.

More than half of us who are crdb customers are now able to avoid queuing up in bank branches by accessing our accounts directly from our computers, tablets, or smartphones. All thanks to the establishment of the internet banking service. Understanding the importance of crdb internet bank here we brought you a step-by-step guide on how you can register and login to your account so that you can use this service. But before we show you how to register below are things you need to know about internet banking.

CRDB Internet Banking Login And How To RegisterHow secure is online banking?

We all know there are so much happening on the internet, starting from spam activities, virus, and hacking. If you have not yet encountered any of these issues then you need to keep doing what you do to stay away from this other side of the internet. If you already did then I am purely sure I don’t need to explain to you what internet viruses are capable of. Here we will explain what you need to know about how to secure your online banking account.

Accessing your Crdb Online Banking account online with the aid of an internet bank  is generally safe, as long as you make sure you enter in all the right details when making a transaction and follow a few rules as shown below:

  • Check your statement frequently and report any strange activity to your bank.
  • Don’t reply to emails claiming to be from your bank that asks for personal details or passwords because those are private info and there no bank staff required to know such details.
  • Always remember to log out of your online banking session.
  • Avoid using public wifi connection. But instead, you can only use secure wi-fi connections to access your bank account. Public Wi-Fi connections are often not secure, so don’t use them for banking or to make purchases.
  • Keep your operating system and anti-virus software up-to-date.
  • Choose your passwords carefully – create your password by combining three random words and don’t re-use the same one for different accounts.


what can you do with Crdb internet banking?

      • Bulk Payment
      • Fund Transfer
      • Perform multi-currency transfers and cross-currency transfer(i.e TZS TO FX, FX TO FX, FX TO TZS)
      • Bill Payment you can pay your utility bills, taxes, and fees anywhere, anytime to Government Electronic Payments (GEPG), Airline ticket payment (Precision Airline), LUKU, DSTV, AZAM, TRA, You can also pay Mobile Payments to MNOs (Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, and Halopesa)


How to Register Crdb Online Banking?

To register for crdb online banking, you need to visit the nearest crdb branch with your ID (NIDA, Voter’s Card, Passport, or Driving Licence). You will be requested to fill the Internet Banking Application Form and Internet Service Enabling Request Form with your details so that you can be connected with online banking services. You can also download The- Application Form Here and submit it to the crdb branch once you finish filling in the required information.

If you are not within Tanzania you can send an email to crdb support at

How To Login Into Your Online Account?

crdb internet banking login. Once you have been registered with internet banking services you can log in to your account simply by following the steps below

  • Go to Crdb Official website – ( )
  • On Homepage hover to “Banking” on top menu items and then select “internet banking” then click on “Login/register”

CRDB Internet Banking Login And How To Register

  • Once you click on “Login/register” a login form will appear and there you must correctly enter your User ID ( user id is supplied by the bank when you first open an account for the Internet Banking System) and  Password.

If it’s your first-time login to your internet bank account

• You will be asked to change your password.

• If it is a requirement of the bank you will be asked to complete the Security Questions.

• You must accept the terms and conditions of the bank to enter the system.

NOTE: Three (3) unsuccessful consecutive login attempts will automatically lock the account. You must contact the Bank in order to unlock the account. See Login Problems.


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