Crdb Sim Banking-Kujiunga Na Sim Banking Crdb

Crdb Sim Banking

Sim Banking is a type of mobile banking service. Mobile banking is the act of making financial transactions on a mobile device (cell phone, tablet, etc.) Mobile banking plays a crucial role in changing the whole banking experience for many of us who hate waiting in line for a long time. Here we’ll take a look at Crdb Sim Banking including Kujiunga Na Sim Banking Crdb and the advantages of using sim banking.

One biggest advantage of mobile banking include the ability to bank anywhere and at any time. There no need to wait in queue for a long time just to get a simple bank service, All thanks to Sim Banking we can all perform different banking tasks with just a few clicks on our mobile device.Crdb Sim Banking-Kujiunga Na Sim Banking Crdb

Simbanking may be new technology, but it enables you to complete almost all traditional banking actions and provides some new capabilities. With sim banking, you’re able to check your balance, track your spending, review your account history, locate ATMs, deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills and receive text message notifications or alerts about your account. All these can be done simply by using simple command codes SSD

Advantages of using Crdb Sim Banking including

  • Accessing the bank 24/7
  • You can transfer funds to other users without hassles
  • You can pay your bills at your convenience
  • Pay business partners and suppliers without stress and do your transactions around the clock
  • Maximize the use of your mobile phone

What Can You Do With  Crdb Sim Banking?

With a sim banking service, you can carry out any type of transaction using your mobile phone.

  • Intra-Bank Funds Transfer to any bank account within CRDB Bank network
  • Funds transfer to mobile money
  • Bills Payments (Brela, TPA, TRA, Luku, Dawasco/Moruwasa, Startimes, SUA etc.)
  • Airtime purchase for yourself and others
  • Ability to send money to people with no bank accounts or ATM cards (Cardless)
  • Access to Salary Advance
  • Balance and Mini statement inquiry
  • Alerts (notifications of TemboCards/Visa/ MasterCard usage).
  • Bilingual, allowing you the choice of Kiswahili or English.

Kujiunga Na Sim Banking Crdb- Sim banking Registration

There different ways you can take to register yourself for crdb sim banking services.

  • Dial *150*03# on your mobile number and then follow the instruction to self-register

Crdb Sim Banking-Kujiunga Na Sim Banking CrdbVisit any CRDB Bank ATM with your TemboCard to register yourself. Follow the video tutorial below

Kujiunga Na Sim Banking Crdb
  1. A CRDB Simbanking customer must be an adult of 18 years and above having a
    CRDB Bank saving/current account.
  2.  All transactions made through CRDB Simbanking shall be considered made by
    the respective customer.
  3. The customer shall be debited for all charges for the use of CRDB Simbanking
  4. The Bank shall not be held responsible or accountable for any losses that may
    occur as a result of the customer’s use of this facility.
  5. The Bank has right of admission, can at any time discontinue this service and or
    reject the application without giving reasons for doing so.
  6. The Bank has the right to change the information and services available through
    CRDB Simbanking system from time to time without prior notification.
  7. The Bank has no control over who may access your information through your
    mobile phone and will not be held accountable for any such unauthorised use.
  8. Inform the Bank immediately if your phone is stolen, disconnected, suspended, or
  9. The bank can vary these terms and conditions at any time without giving prior
  10. By registering with Simbanking services you have accepted the terms and
    conditions for CRDB Simbanking that can be accessed at
    Otherwise de-register immediately.


CRDB Internet Banking Login And How To Register

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