Five substitutes option per team permitted by FIFA on temporally basis

Five substitutes option per team permitted on temporaly basis

Changes in Rule announced to aid Championship sides when football is about to returns. The teams will be allowed up to five substitutions per game, instead of the usual three, as a temporary measure to help teams cope in the after-math of coronavirus outbreak. The new rules will be allowed in all competitions which are due to finish by the end of this year  2020 and it will be up to individual competition organisers to decide whether to implement it or not.

FIFA also said that competitions currently using the video replay system (VAR) would be free to discontinue its use on restarting.

Soccer’s rule-making body IFAB agreed to make the change to the rules “based on a proposal received from FIFA seeking to protect player welfare”, the statement added.

FIFA added that to avoid interruption of play, each team would have to make their substitutions in a maximum of three slots and the halftime interval.

Soccer has been stagnant since mid-March, but many leagues and federations still hope to complete the season 2019/2020. To do so, they would have to cram fixtures into a shorter period than usual once the games restart.

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“The temporary amendment comes into force with immediate effect, and has been made as matches may be played in a condensed period in different weather conditions, both of which could have impacts on player welfare,” FIFA said.

“The IFAB and FIFA will determine at a later stage whether this temporary amendment would need to be extended further (e.g. for competitions due to be completed in 2021).”


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FIFA did not elaborate more on the decision on the use of VAR.

But Italy’s referees’ association said last month that it posed a potential health hazard as video assistant officials often worked from small space in vans or portable units where social distancing was impossible.

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