How To Copy And Paste: Window Os, Mac Os And Linux

In this 21-century with high tech-advancement Computers and smartphone are one of must have piece of technology.They may be needed in almost everything in our daily life.And of course they play a very crucial role in making life easy for us regardless whether your farmer, teacher, doctor etc.Computer and Smartphone will always  have something to offer to you.But this only if you have the skills and knowledge on how to use them.Copying, cutting and pasting is one of the basic computer and smartphone operations that must be known in order to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.Now the Question is Do you know how to copy and paste?? If you don’t then this article will show you how to do it easily and quickly. To avoid any mistake we’ll first explain what means by copy and paste or cut and paste.Then show how you can  copy and past in Iphone, window, android and Linux.


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Copy is simply the act of making a copy of an object or text.Copy and paste is the method in computer and smartphone used in transferring data(text, music, video, docx, Pdf, etc) from one location to another. To be more specific copy and paste creates a duplicate in the new location.Unlike cut and paste, which moves the contents to a new location.

How To Copy And Paste?

Copy and paste is among the most common commands found in any operating system. But not everyone knows how to use
these features right? Copying and pasting can be done in several different ways depending on operating system installed in your device.But though there some method works just fine in all currently available operating system.This article will show you step by step on how to cut and paste or copy and paste in all Os.


Method 1: Using the mouse

Step 1

Properly selecting/highlight the content you wish to copy is the first step when copying and pasting or
cutting and pasting. Whether you’re looking to copy an image, audio, Pdf or video you first need to highlight it
by right-click it and select Copy to save a duplicate to the clipboard.

To highlight/select the content For text, left-click and a drag your mouse cursor over the portion of the
document or browser window you wish to highlight.

If you want to bring the keyboard in too to save some minutes, you can hold Ctrl and click multiple files to
select them, or click the first item in a list while holding Shift and then click the final item you want to copy,
or you can hold Ctrl and click A to select all items in folder or all text.

How To Copy And Paste
1.Select The Content

Step 2

Once the content you want to copy is highlighted, right-click any part of the chosen content and select Copy from
the resulting drop-down menu.

To bring the keyboard to save some minutes here is the guide, after selecting the content you wish to copy/cut press ctrl+c to copy or Ctrl+X to cut.

step 2
Click On Copy/Cut to copy/cut


How To Copy And Paste
Click On Copy To Copy All Selected Filed

Step 3

Once you have copied the chosen image, text, or file, place the cursor at the location where you want to
copy it. Then right-click and select Paste from the resulting drop-down menu.

To do this with your keybord simply press Ctrl+V on destination file you to paste your content

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Mthod 2: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Step 1

Select your items to copy or cut.This is same as shown on previous method . RECAP : To select all items on a page or folder, you can use the CTRL+A : hold down the CTRL button (on Windows) or Command key (on Mac) then hit the A key.

Step 2

To copy and paste use the following commands

PC running Microsoft Windows or Linux

Copy = Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert

Paste = Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert

Apple Mac computer running macOS

Copy = Cmd+C Paste = Cmd+V

Google Chrome computer

Copy = Ctrl+C

Paste = Ctrl+V

Method To Copy And Paste On An iPhone Or Android Android Devices.

If you do know how to copy and paste in  Iphone or any other smartphone then follow the steps below.

Copying text or Website link

Touch and hold any text with your finger, then release it. When released, a menu should appear at the top on the right of the screen (shown on the right) that allows you to copy. Highlight any other text you want to copy and then press your finger on Copy to copy.

Paste text
Touch and hold your finger on the screen where you want to paste, and select Paste to paste the text.

Copy And Paste
How To Copy And Paste In Smartphone
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