How to create facebook carousel in 2020

Have you tried to share a post with multiple urls with different previews?If yes then we are purely sure that you have alredy come across with facebook carousel feature..But if not and you are having problem using this feature then rest assure because in this article we will show you step by step on How to create facebook carousel in 2020.

Why Create Carousel ??

A Facebook carousel post or ad is a creative and attractive way to get more content into a smaller space.Let say you own an e-commerce website and you want to share yourproducts on facebook how will you do it?Posting single product as single post?No of course that is not good way if you want to engage wuth many audience,using Facebook carousel tool You can feature five unique images, each with url to your website, different headlines, descriptions within the same story. Publish a carousel post or ad as an organic story on your page wall and/or an ad unit; either can easily be viewed on desktop and mobile.

According to a report by Kinetic Social, carousel ads perform 10 times better than regular ads.Plus, since 90% of Facebook users access via mobile, that’s a great use of a small amount of real estate. Advertisers should get much more for their dollars by doing a horizontal ad unit that can scroll back and forth. Carousel ads are also available on Instagram.

when to use Carousel ?

facebook posts Carousel work best when used for the following purposes.

When telling a story with a progression towards a particular end goal (defining a pain point, followed by a

To showcase a range of products or features of a single product

To share more than one url each with different preview at same time

How to create facebook carousel in 2020??

There was many method to create facebook photo carousel but due to some recently updates by Facebook, there only
two method left.
[icon type=”vector” icon=”brankic-icon-number11″ size=”20″ hover_animation=”border_increase” ]using publishing tool

[icon type=”vector” icon=”brankic-icon-number12″ size=”20″ hover_animation=”border_increase” ]using Ads manager


First thing you need to do is creating facebook page.

If you already have one go to the page from which you want to post a Carousel.NOTE Only pages can make Carousel posts, then after you are free t share Carousel posts anywhere you want.

When you open your page as an admin you will find publish tool on top click it.


Facebook publishing tool make it more easy to create different types of post for facebook pages and also easy to manage Published Posts, Scheduled Posts or Drafts and see who published, scheduled or drafted Page posts.

To create carousel click on create post


Then select post carousel


There After you can enter the URL of website that you want to share and then add  various images and the URLs associated with each photo in which you want to land your traffic then publish your post.



To learn how to create facebook carousel using Ads manager foll thins steps HERE 

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