How to optimize Windows 10 for games and performance

Windows 10 is a great operating system for gamers, which combines native games, support for retro titles and even Xbox One streaming. But it’s not perfect from the start.

Some adjustments are required to enjoy the best gaming experience that Windows 10 has to offer. Here are several ways to optimize your PC with Windows 10 for games.

1. Optimize Windows 10 with game mode

Looking for another option to get the best gaming performance from Windows 10?

Later versions of the operating system have a game mode, built-in optimizations for Windows 10 players. For more information, press the Windows key + I, type the game mode and then click Control Game Mode to Optimize your PC for games.

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On the Game screen, click Game Mode. Change to On to take advantage of Game Mode. If your PC supports Game Mode, Windows Update will be suspended while handling games and resources to achieve the optimal frame rate.

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It is true that the gameplay is not perfect and there are many other optimizations to play in Windows 10, which we will see in the rest of this guide.

2. Disable the Nagle algorithm
Nagle’s algorithm essentially groups data packets at the cost of a more fluid Internet connection. Having the Nagle algorithm enabled on your computer can contribute to latency problems when playing online games.

To disable this and improve game performance in Windows 10, edit the Windows Registry: Start> type regedit> Regedit. Step carefully when playing with the Windows Registry!

In the address bar, copy and paste the following route:

2 1 e1569359097671

Verify your IP address by going to the Windows key + X> Windows PowerShell and entering ipconfig.

Look for the “IPv4 address” below your current connection (usually Ethernet or wireless LAN) to identify your IP address.

Once you have tracked the IP address of your Internet connection, right-click on the corresponding folder and select New> DWORD Value (32 bits).

Here, create two DWORD values: name one TcpAckFrequency and the other TCPNoDelay. Once you have created the values, double click on each one and set its parameters to 1.

This activates the two parameters, thus disabling the Nagle algorithm. If you have any problems, set its parameter value to 0 and they will be disabled.

3. Disable automatic update and restart
Windows 10 will automatically update your operating system and schedule a restart without your permission. While this feature is not activated frequently, you never want to be surprised and risk your saved game.

Automatic updates can not only restart Windows without notice, but downloading updates in the background will limit your network connectivity.

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While you cannot disable automatic restart, it may be delayed. Start by accessing the update settings on the Windows key + I> Update and security> Windows update> Advanced options> Update options.

Here, disable automatic download updates, even through measured data connections (charges may apply). This is the best option to reduce the possibility that Windows Update downloads interrupt the performance of your game.

Make sure we will show a reminder when we are going to restart it is also enabled. Windows will now give you many warnings when the system restarts after an update.

On the main Windows Update screen, it is worth using the Change active hours function.

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By specifying when you will use Windows 10, you can prevent Windows updates from downloading and installing during active hours.

4. Adjust the visual effects of Windows 10
Its graphical user interfaces (GUI) can be an obstacle to its processing power. By default, the Windows 10 appearance settings are set to impress.

Games that run in the foreground may conflict with a bright GUI that runs in the background. Adjust this setting to optimize Windows 10 for game performance.

Press the Windows key + I and type performance, then select Adjust Windows appearance and performance> Adjust to get the best performance> Apply> OK.

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Then switch to the Advanced tab and make sure that Adjust the best performance is set to Programs.

5. Maximum power plan to improve Windows 10 games

Power options are often left alone due to their supposed negligible effect. Some gamers claim adjusting for higher performance works, while others don’t notice any difference when changing their PC’s power settings.

The only way to know for sure is to try it on your PC. Change the power settings through the Settings screen, using the Windows key + I> type power> Power and sleep settings> Additional power settings.

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If you have a high performance option, select this. Otherwise, use Create a power plan to set up a new custom power plan.

This option will allow your PC to function better at the cost of higher energy consumption and temperature levels. For this reason, it is better to enable this optimization of Windows 10 on the desktop instead of laptops.

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