How To start Blog and make money online

How To start a Blog and make money online

So, you are thinking of starting to make money with that dream blog. Yes? But haven’t you started yet? Ok, I’m here to show you the quick and easy way on How To start Blog and make money online. You may be afraid that it is too expensive or too time-consuming. Or maybe you have no idea what to blog about. Worry out here we’ll take you through all essential steps to take on how to build a website & making money online with blogging. (Jinsi ya kutengeneza website na kupata pesa mtandaoni.

So, Let’s Have a Look at the perks First:

What Really Blogging About?

  • Its beginner-friendly
  • You build an Audience
  • Share your Knowledge/ Expressing Yourself
  • Gain online exposure
  • Making a Difference
  • Helps Kickstarting a Business (or maybe….)
  • Bringing New Clients to Existing Business
  • Then there is a High Money-Making Potential
  • And so many more…

Introduction: How I got into blogging…
Hi, I am, Founder of Superkwazulunews, and I managed to build this blog, in my third year in college with no ant coding background. Yikes!

And honestly, the idea of me running a blog was anything but obvious.

One day, while I was mindlessly scrolling through the internet, I saw something that really grabbed my attention, I saw an article about a blogger making a ridiculous amount of money (something around $10,000) from their blog, IN A MONTH.

When you’re a college student, you kinda spend a lot of time thinking and planning about what you’ll be doing when you get out. And at some point, you also get a little desperate to score a reliable source of income as soon as possible.

So just like that, I just decided to give it a shot, without too much thinking, without much research, and without any knowledge about blogging. I jumped right in. And thank god that I did!

I didn’t have an idea about what to blog about initially because I really didn’t like to talk about tech and coding (I still hate school). So I made a decision to document what I learn about blogging and that’s how I started this blog last year.

I must say much has changed since then.

This is why you should try something (that has minimal to zero risks) without too much overthinking. Otherwise, you won’t do it at all and as a result, will be missing a lot of great opportunities.

Even if my story doesn’t align with yours, tell me if at least one of these sound somewhat familiar to you or not,

  • Frustrated with your 9-5 job (feeling trapped)
  • Drowning in debts and bills
  • Not being able to do what you want to because of financial constraints
  • Tired of Waking up to alarms
  • Unable to travel and living just for the weekends
  • A constant urge to make more money while doing something meaningful

I know it all sounds really fascinating and great but can you really make something out of this “blogging” thing? Can you really make a full-time income from blogging?

Ummm…Aren’t people already?

This is one of those evergreen career titles, that will not become obsolete as technology advances.

Gone are the days where you only get an interview with potential employers by spending $80,000 on tuition, only to get a $40,000/year job. Now you can start a small-scale side-hustle with zero to minimum upfront investment and scale that to huge income figures.

So to be clear that blogging makes money, let’s check on some top bloggers’ income.

Top 10 highest-earning bloggers

  1. HuffPost: $500 million per year
  2. Engadget: $47.5 million per year
  3. Moz: $44.9 million per year
  4. PerezHilton: $41.3 million per year
  5. Copyblogger: $33.1 million per year
  6. Mashable: $30 million per year
  7. TechCrunch: $22.5 million per year
  8. Envato Tuts+: $10 million per year
  9. Smashing Magazine: $5.2 million per year
  10. Gizmodo: $4.8 million per year

Note: Actual numbers may vary as a lot of them have discontinued posting monthly income reports on their blogs, but these are close figures as reported for the year 2020.

Mind you, this is a tiny list compared to the actual number of established bloggers out there!

Things That Might Stop You From Starting a Blog

How To start Blog and make money onlineI know you may be trying to start your own blog but you keep asking yourself if you can manage to own one. If that is your situation then below we have answered some Myths that may stop you from blogging

  • You Need to Have a Strong English Writing Background to Make it as a Blogger
    Absolutely not.

The majority of people who will be reading your blog aren’t graduates of Ph.D. in English Literature, they are regular people, just like you and me. So you might want to use your original voice to create those awesome blog posts.

People admire relatability, honesty, and realness, not some over-the-top big fancy words.

  • You might have thought that Starting a Blog is Expensive
    Only if you believe $2.95/month is expensive, then yeah, it is pretty expensive. But If you can just manage to skip 1-2 night clubbing in a month, you’ll be able to afford it. Just saying!
  • Blogging Requires Vast Technical Knowledge to Run the Whole Thing
    Also big NO. Blogging is one of those areas that has evolved with technology and certainly does not require one to have a Ph.D. in coding or any technical knowledge whatsoever to start and run a blog from scratch.
  • Growing a Blog Takes Forever
    It’s true, but only to some extent.

On this, I will be straight forward and I won’t lie to motivate you because being a motivational speaker is not my thing.

Yes Growing a Blog Takes Forever, a brand new blog takes time to grow, we’re not making instant noodles here, we’re creating a sustainable income source for the long haul.

As most important things take time, growing something that remarkable will take a year or two. But once you’ve reached a certain threshold, your growth becomes exponential.

Ready to dive right in? Don’t worry I’ll go slow…
As I’ve already mentioned before, starting a blog in today’s age is quite a cakewalk, all you have to do is follow this guide step-by-step and you’ll have your very own blog within the next hour. (not minutes? Yea…’re not yet familiar with the platforms …I guess)

Here are the steps I will cover in this article:

Choosing a blog topic or niche.
Choosing a free or paid blog.
Choosing a domain name.
Choose your website host.
Installing WordPress.

How To Start Blog and make money online

How To start Blog and make money online

STEP 1: How to choose a blogging niche

Are you looking for the best niche to blog about? But you don’t have any idea as to what to blog about. If you are, don’t worry that much as I am going to give you my ideas on choosing the best niche you will blog about.

There are some of the trendy and profitable niches you can choose from:

Profitable niches you can choose From
Food Technology
Fashion Travel
Personal finance Yoga
Lifestyle Home Decor
Blogging Photography
Fitness And Weight Loss Gardening
Dating Productivity
Pets DIY Projects

When you look for a good niche to blog about, it’s important to understand one key thing you need to go just beyond the most profitable niches and look deeper. Think about the following things:

  • What are you interested mostly in? Will you love writing about this one year and 20+ posts from now?
  • What do you have some knowledge about? Are you good at that topic?
  • What is likely to keep you excited? What niche doesn’t seem flooded with marketers?
  • Are there other people who want to read about this topic? Can I make money from this niche? Still clueless?

Beyond just staring at a white wall and running through ideas in your brain, here are some good ways to come up with ideas are:

Your room/house. Just look at the objects you own and see if any of them spark an idea.
Your daily life. The same idea – think about what you do on a daily basis and see if anything pops out.
Blogs you read.
Magazine articles.
Amazon, eBay, and other shopping sites (look at the popular products, categories, or your order history you can talk about).
You need to determine if there is demand
Are people willing to pay for products or information in your chosen niche? That is if you want to make money from your blog.

If you want to start a profitable blog with the best chances of succeeding off the gate; you can’t go wrong entering a market that has proven to be profitable.

And again you need to always find a low competition niche where people have problems. You need to start blogging with a mindset of solving other people’s problems.

And the list is so long…..

Let me just explain why you need to have a niche in blogging: you showcase your expertise and get a loyal audience; blog monetization will be easy and still will help you to rank on Google.

Once you made your decision on what to blog about, then let’s go to the next step:

STEP 2: Choosing a free or paid blog

If you are starting a blog to make an income, then I advise choosing a paid blog. This is actually purchasing your own domain name and opening a hosting plan for your blog. I will guide you on how to do this.

If you want a personal blog, you can choose a free method by using a service like or for their free plan. The only problem is that your blog may be shut down at any moment. This does happen🤯!!

Additionally, free blogs usually run ads on your site distracting user readers from your content. And many have restrictions on what you can and can’t do on your site. Then there is this problem of monetization because you won’t have the possibility to upload all those images and videos you want to share with your audience- it’s all limited.

Since your goal is to make money through blogging we recommend you follow the paid plan and create a WordPress blog.

Why WordPress?

  • WordPress powers 26.4% of the web.
  • It’s the most used CMS(content management system) with more than 50% market share.
  • 500 sites are created daily on WordPress.
  • It’s super easy to set up and free.
  • It has tons of free themes and layouts.

STEP 3: How to choose a domain name

A domain name is what people enter on their browser to search for your blog. For Example, is my domain name. It’s also used for email

There are different domain name extensions namely: .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz

Domain names usually cost between $1.17 to $15 a year but Godaddy will give the cheapest domain name for only 0.9$(your preferred one if available).

Start by Buying your domain name at cheap price on GODADDYBuy cheap Domain name


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