Airtel Money Mastercard is a virtual card that allows Airtel Money customers, even those without a bank account, to make payments to local and global online merchants that accept Mastercard cards while ensuring that the customer’s financial data is always secure and private. In addition, Airtel Money customers will also be able to make in-person payments at outlets via Quick Response (QR) codes (whereby payments are made from an Airtel mobile phone by scanning the QR code displayed at checkout or by entering a merchant identifier, at any location worldwide that Mastercard QR is accepted). Here we’ll take you through all you need to know about AIRTEL MONEY MASTERCARD including how to create and manage one. (Jinsi Ya Kutengeneza Airtel Mastercard)

AIRTEL MONEY MASTERCARD, jinsi ya kutengeneza airtel mastercardWhat Can I Do With Airtel Mastercard?

With the Airtel Mastercard service, Airtel users are eligible to make online payments both locally and internationally anywhere where Mastercard is accepted. Example of places where a customer can use the service are:-

  • Online Movies i.e Netflix
  • E-Commerce sites i.e Aliexpress, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay
  • Pay for Apps & Games upgrades from Google Playstore and Apple Store Services
  • Online Betting i.e 1X Bet, BetWinner, etc
  • Online Taxi Services Uber, Bolt, Lyft, etc

Jinsi Ya Kutengeneza Airtel Mastercard.


  • Dial Airtel Money USSD: *150*60#.
  • Select #6. Financial services.
  • Select #1 Airtel Money Mastercard.
  • Select #1. Create Airtel Money Mastercard.
  • Enter the passcode for Airtel Money Mastercard (this passcode will be used to authorize online transactions using the card).
  • A customer receives an SMS notification with a link that contains Airtel Money Mastercard details…CARD NUMBER (PAN), CVV, and expiry
  • date (That’s all the information you will need to complete your payments online).

How to See Your Card Details?

  • Dial Airtel Money USSD: *150*60#.
  • Select #6. Financial services.
  • Select #3 Airtel Money Mastercard.
  • Select #2. Airtel Money Mastercard Details
  • You will receive a short SMS with your Card Information, PAN, CVV and expiry date, these are the information you need to complete your online payments

Airtel Money Mastercard Applicable fees

Card Creation is FREE (will change to 2,000 – charged annually)
C2B charges are applicable for every VCN transaction
Forex Mark-Up of 3% for payments in foreign currency (to be changed to 5%)

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