Jinsi ya kutumia Efd machine Incotex 181

Jinsi ya kutumia Efd machine

Keypoint; how to use efd machine (jinsi ya kutumia efd machine), efd machine manual

Efd stands for Electronic Fiscal Device which is a machine designed for use in business for efficient management controls in areas of sales analysis and stock control system and which conforms to the requirements specified by the laws. Here we’ll take you through basic knowledge on how to use the Efd machine (Jinsi ya kutumia Efd machine). This article will focus on Incotex 181 efd machine as shown below

Jinsi ya kutumia Efd machine
Efd machine

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Jinsi ya kutumia Efd machine


INCOTEX 181 (mashine ndogo)

  1. Washa machine itaandika REGISTRATION MODE
  2. Weaka password 100,000
  3. Bonyeza TOTAL mara moja, utaona 1. Sales, 2. Purchase
  4. Bonyeza 1. (sales) Kuchagua kufanya mauzo
  5. Utaona BUYER’s TIN 0.00.Hapo mashine ipo tayari kufanya mauzo

Jinsi ya Kufanya Mauzo Kwa Efd Machine

Kwa mfano mteja amenunua SERENGETI 4 kwa bei ya sh 40,000 kila moja

Fanya hivi :

Bonyeza 4 (idadi) alafu • QTY alafu (bei) 40,000 alafu • SH alafu PLU alafu bonyeza 3 (bia) PLU alafu TOTAL hapo risiti itatoka chana mpe mteja

Kwa mfano mteja amenunua
  • SERENGETI 4 kwa nbei ya sh 40,000 kila moja
  • TUSKER 2 kwa bei ya 32,000 kila moja
  • LONDON GIN CARTON 2 kwa bei ya 65,000 kila moja
  • St. Anna 3 kwa bei ya 95,000 kila moja
  • Maji madogo CARTON 10 kwa bei ya 3,000 kila CARTON
  • Boss whiskey CARTON 2 kwa bei y sh 70,000 kila CARTON
Fanya hivi :

4 • QTY 40,000 • SH PLU 3 PLU
2 • QTY 32,000 • SH PLU 3 PLU
2 • QTY 65,000 • SH PLU 1 PLU
3 • QTY 95,000 • SH PLU 4 PLU
10 • QTY 3,000 • SH PLU 7 PLU
2 • QTY 70,000 • SH PLU 6 PLU TOTAL

Jinsi ya Kutoa Z-REPORT

Bonyeza C mashine itaonesha 0.00 apo utabonyeza VD/MODE mara moja alafu binyeza MODE mara tatu utaona Z-REPORT alafu ingiza password 300,000 alafu bonyeza TOTAL apo Z-REPORT itatoka chana peleka panapohusika .


1) HARD DRINKS (spirits kama Gordon’s, grants J&B, jebel, London gin, Smirnoff, na nyinginezo)
2) SOFT DRINKS (alvaro, bavaria, redbull, pure heaven) 3) BEER (beer zote pamoja na Heineken na Windhoek)
4) WINE (Dompo alter wine St. Anna, St. Morand, St. Vincent) 5) SODA
6) WHISK (boss, bond 7,) 7) WATER (maji makubwa na madogo)


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