Kupatana Tanzania Online Shopping Tips

Kupatana Tanzania

Kupatana is the fastest growing online and mobile free classifieds platform that provides a flexible and efficient marketplace for fulfilling buyers and sellers. Kupatana offers FREE listings to advertisers, both private individuals and companies, allowing them unlimited and direct contact to their markets. Kupatana works to ensure that the marketplace is open 24/7, easily accessible with a large supply and demand. Kupatana Tanzania has a wide network of buyers and sellers. Every day thousands of people visit Kupatana to sell something or to find something to buy at an affordable price. Here we’ll take you through Kupatana Tanzania Online Shopping Tips for buying and selling safely

Kupatana TanzaniaSafety Tips for buyers in Kupatana Tanzania

  • Always see and inspect the product before paying for it.
  • If you make an appointment to inspect a product Don’t bring cash until you know you want to buy the product.
  • Meet the seller in a public place and don’t go there by yourself bring a friend for safety.
  • If it used product ask when the product purchased
  • To avoid any further trouble with authorities we advise you not to buy any used product without its original box or receipt because that is the only way to prove that the product you’re about to buy is not stolen.
NOTE: If you buy a stolen product especially a phone you will end up tracked and cough by police and of course all charges will be upon you. Thus when looking to buy a used smartphone device you need to be extra careful and never buy it if the seller has no box or receipt.
  • Ask how the product will be delivered
  • Avoid making night appointment with any seller
  • Never pay in Advance for any product.
  • Don’t trust the image previews posted by sellers, They will always misleading you, go check the product with your own eyes.
  • Agree how payment and delivery will be made

UZA NA NUNUASafety Tips for the seller in Kupatana

  • Ensure you upload an accurate image of the product
  • Ensure that the contacts you have listed are active
  • Ensure you meet the buyer in a public place
  • Beware of fake messages, demand a phone number
  • Avoid bringing your product to the buyer’s house before receiving payment
  • Don’t sell stolen products it’s against the law
  • If you want to sell at the best price at Kupatana Tanzania, be patient and wait for many offers to come so then you can choose the best one
Understand Rules, Terms & Conditions operating in Kupatana Tanzania before using their service


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