Matokeo Form Two- Necta Form Two Results (FTNA Results)

Matokeo Form Two-Necta Form Two Results

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Here you will find all information regarding the Necta Form Two Results (Matokeo Form Two) latest updates from the National Examination Council of Tanzania and some basic info to help you understand the results.

Necta Form Two ResultsNECTA GRADE SYSTEM

Processing of Form Two Test, Form Four, and Six Examination results will be based on mark levels, achievement grades, and usage patterns.
of the sustainable score (CA) as follows:

Viwango vya alama Kidato cha Pili na cha Nne

Matokeo Form Two

Madaraja ya Ufaulu


Mtahiniwa aliyefanya idadi ya masomo pungufu ya saba kwa Kidato cha Pili au cha Nne atahesabiwa kuwa amefaulu kwa kiwango cha chini cha ufaulu wa daraja la Nne endapo atafaulu angalau masomo mawili katika Gredii D au somo moja katika Gredi A, B au C. Aidha, mtahiniwa wa Kidato cha sita aliyefanya masomo pungufu ya matatu ya tahasusi atatunukiwa ufaulu wa chini wa daraja la Nne endapo atafaulu angalau masomo mawili katika Gredi S au somo moja katika Gredi A, B, C, D na E.

Matokeo Form Two

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