Mitindo ya Nywele Za Harusi

Mitindo ya Nywele Za Harusi

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life! It’s also the busiest, hectic, and sometimes most stressful day. You’ll want to spend time to find a perfect wedding dress, and a complimentary hairstyle(Mitindo ya Nywele Za Harusi) as well. O f course you must appear classy but also natural. It is good to look as naturally as possible on your big day. Here we brought  to you our collection of some of the BEAUTIFUL WEDDING HAIRSTYLES .



  • You can opt to be fun and colorful with your hair on your wedding day. You can keep things casual by leaving your hair out, or you can add a wedding veil. Mitindo ya Nywele Za Harusi
  • Curly Fro
    This is another elegant and natural style that is great for short to medium hair length. To get this curly look, you can bantu knots, twist, or use curlers to curl your hair.Mitindo ya Nywele Za HarusiMitindo ya Nywele Za Harusi


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