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MUM SARIS Stands for the Muslim University of Morogoro student academic registration information system. MUM SARIS is a web-based application established to store all student information of the Muslim University of Morogoro. The system provides MUM students easy access to their university information such as course results, Timetable, Collage Info, and fee & accommodation status. Here is detailed information on the Muslim University of Morogoro student academic registration information system including how to register and Mum login/Mum saris login

How to Register In MUM SARIS?

To register yourself in MUM SARIS you must be a student of the Muslim University of Morogoro and have access to an internet-connected smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Once you have these in place follow the steps below

Step 1

Visit the Muslim University of Morogoro official website >><<Then click on “SARIS” located on the top left corner as shown below

Mum login


Step 2

Thereafter you will be redirected to the MUM SARIS Login page. If it is your first time at the system you must start by registering your account by click on “Click Here to CREATE A STUDENT ACCOUNT” as shown below


Step 3

Once you click on “Click Here to CREATE A STUDENT ACCOUNT” you will be redirected to another page where you will be required to start your registration by fill in the form with your detail such as NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, RegNo, POSITION, USERNAME, PASSWORD, and EMAIL. Make sure you use the Correct Names as appeared on your Certificates to avoid any complications.

  • RegNo: Use Your CORRECT given University REGISTRATION NUMBER to get correct information that belongs to you
  • Date of Birth: Use your Correct Date of Birth, as it is the one that will appear on your Transcript.
  • Username: This should be ANY NAME that you should REMEMBER!. You will be asked for your Username and Password on the MUM Login

Step 4

Click on the “SUBMIT” button once after you completely provide the required information as instructed on step 3

Mum login/Mum saris login

To login to your Mum saris account you need to visit the MUM saris website >><<GO DIRECT HERE

On the mum login page, you must provide your username and password then click on “LOGIN”


  • LOGIN to SARIS follow the instruction given above if you don’t know how to login
  • Go To Academic Records -> Course Roaster then Search by Course Code the course you want to register for Academic Year 2010/2011
  • click PICK then fills in the required information.


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