Navy Federal Routing Number & Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Routing Number/Nfcu routing number

A routing number is a nine-digit code assigned to the bank or credit union by the Federal Reserve. Routing number are used in identifying a financial institution in the United States. Banks use routing numbers to direct the exchange of funds to and from one another. Normally You can find the your bank routing number on the bottom left corner of most personal checks. Here we’ll take you through on Navy federal routing number and other information that we thought you need to know about Navy Federal Credit Union.

Navy federal routing number which is provided right on the official website of the company, is 256074974.

Navy Federal Routing Number

The first four digits any bank’s routing number refer as the Federal Reserve Processing Symbol because they act as code to identify the Federal Reserve District and the regional processing center where the credit union is located. The next four digits determine the specific bank, such as Navy Federal Credit Union. The last digit is generated by a special algorithm and is called a “check digit” because it ensures that the entire number is valid.

How And Where Are Bank Routing Numbers Used?

American banks and credit unions use ABA routing numbers to perform different types of transactions as show below:

  • Ordering checks online
  • Processing checks
  • Opening a direct deposit
  • Initiating wire transfers or ACH payments
  • Setting up recurring automatic payments
  • Receiving or transferring payment to the IRS
  • Depositing income, such as Social Security
  • Preauthorizing drafts
  • Handling collections
Navy Federal Routing Number/Nfcu routing number
State Routing Number
Alabama 256074974
Alaska 256074974
Arizona 256074974
Arkansas 256074974
California 256074974
Colorado 256074974
Connecticut 256074974
Delaware 256074974
District of Columbia 256074974
Florida 256074974
Georgia 256074974
Hawaii 256074974
Idaho 256074974
Illinois 256074974
Indiana 256074974
Iowa 256074974
Kansas 256074974
Kentucky 256074974
Louisiana 256074974
Maine 256074974
Maryland 256074974
Massachusetts 256074974
Michigan 256074974
Minnesota 256074974
Mississippi 256074974
Missouri 256074974
Montana 256074974
Nebraska 256074974
Nevada 256074974
New Hampshire 256074974
New Jersey 256074974
New Mexico 256074974
New York 256074974
North Carolina 256074974
North Dakota 256074974
Ohio 256074974
Oklahoma 256074974
Oregon 256074974
Pennsylvania 256074974
Rhode Island 256074974
South Carolina 256074974
South Dakota 256074974
Tennessee 256074974
Texas 256074974
Utah 256074974
Vermont 256074974
Virginia 256074974
Washington 256074974
West Virginia 256074974
Wisconsin 256074974
Wyoming 256074974

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) offers different Products and Services including a full range of financial products and services, such as credit cards and money market accounts, Also they offers non-deposit services including investments, life insurance and financial and retirement planning. Here are details on some of the credit union’s offerings:

For more Information about Navy Federal Routing Number  and any problem concerning Navy Federal Credit Union  use this International Phone Numbers for Navy Federal Credit Union for contact

contact Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)

Carrier Toll-Free Number
Reach 0011-800-0-842-6328
Optus 0011-800-0-842-6328
Deutsche Telkom 00-800-0-842-6328
Telecom 00-800-0-842-6328
Cable & Wireless IDC (landline phones subscribing to international service) 010-800-0-842-6328
Cable & Wireless IDC (any fixed or payphone) 0061-010-800-0-842-6328
KDD (landline phones subscribing to international service) 010-800-0-842-6328
KDD (any fixed or payphone) 001-010-800-0-842-6328
SoftBank Telecom, formerly Japan Telecom (landline phones subscribing to international service) 010-800-0-842-6328
SoftBank Telecom, formerly Japan Telecom (any fixed or payphone) 0041-010-800-0-842-6328
NTT (landline phones subscribing to international service) 010-800-0-842-6328
NTT (any fixed or payphone) 0033-010-800-0-842-6328
From any DSN phone on any US Navy base on mainland Japan 99-800-0-842-6328
DACOM 002-800-0-842-6328
Korea Telecom 001-800-0-842-6328
ONSE 008-800-0-842-6328
Telecom Malaysia 00-800-0-842-6328
TNZI 00-800-0-842-6328
PLDT 00-800-0-842-6328
Singapore Telecom 001-800-0-842-6328
Telefonica 00-800-0-842-6328
CHT-I 00-800-0-842-6328
BT 00-800-0-842-6328
Cable & Wireless 00-800-0-842-6328


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