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For the past few months, Facebook has been working on a pretty drastic redesign of its platform, and a big part of the reason why that’s the case has to do with the fact that they’re trying to change their brand in some way. and getting people to start trusting the platform once again, allowing it to regain some of the ground it lost after the Cambridge Analytic scandal, where the social media platform was involved in potentially helping to influence the presidential election from the United States.

Facebook is now allowing users to test a beta version of its upcoming redesign, which is slated for a full release later this year.


First time you switch to new facebook you may notice some big changes.It provide a quicker access to some major Facebook features on top of that User interface is much cleaner, and you would notice that the stories are going to be at the top, front, and center that may end up being the first things you should be looking at.The redesign also includes larger fonts and sleeker icons.

The sidebar is also much cleaner, with fewer buttons, making it much less awkward. Also, perhaps there is one feature that stands out more than any other, and this feature essentially involves dark mode which makes this redesign more beautiful.

In addition: The updated interface rearranges and simplifies the Facebook interface in all way, makes it easier to open Messenger conversations, and places new icons and buttons. With no doubt you’ll get a quick tour and explanation of the changes the first time you enable beta design, as well as the opportunity to switch to Dark Mode if you’re interested.


You can enable the new look following these simple steps

new fb 2

1.Logging into your Facebook account

2.Select “View Facebook beta” at the top of your news feed; however the option may not be available to everyone.

In case you don’t see the option at the top of your news feed, you can also try clicking the arrow icon in the upper right corner and selecting “View Facebook Beta” from the drop-down menu.

If you switched to facebook beta redesign but you did not like the new look,and hence opt to go back to previous version then follow these steps to do so.

new fb dark2 or tap your profile photo in the upper right corner of the page to open the quick menu, then select “Switch to classic Facebook”.

Actually, Facebook shows you how to do this when you turn on the new design for the first time, but it’s worth pointing out in case you’ve forgotten or misunderstood where the setting was.

Changes like this can be divisive, so it’s great that Facebook allows users to go back to the previous site design if they want. It is unclear how long you will be able to continue using the old interface, but I suspect that it will be possible to revert it while the new design is in “beta”.

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