New features in android 11:Developer preview Explained

We’re still With a few months left from the final version of Android 11 being available to everyone, Hoping the novel corona virus wont mess things out. Installing Android 11 on your own phone right now might not be worth it. There will be a lot of bugs and most of the new features that you won’t even see. With a  developer preview now released, we have a good idea of  new features in android 11 and where Google wants to take Android users in 2020.

Ready to learn all about features that Android 11 is packing?here are some of the changes and new features in Android 11 that we’ve come across so far.

New Features in Android 11

New features in android 11


Screen recording

A cool new feature that some other Android phones already have, like the OnePlus 8 and 7T series phones, is easy screen recording. Roll out the quick setup tone, and the option is there.

Once you tap the screen recording quick settings tile, a pop-up window appears asking you to confirm whether you want to definitely start recording. Once confirmed, it will record what you are doing on your phone before you decide to stop and save the footage. You can also cancel the recording at any time.

New recent apps screen

There’s an intriguing change to the recent apps screen in the latest developer preview, which removes app quick hints and replaces them with a screenshot / share option. Additionally, cards displaying thumbnails of any recent applications have also been expanded.

Also, when you swipe a card to discard / erase it from memory, there is an undo option that allows you to retrieve it again when you accidentally swipe it.

Dark mode programming

Dark Mode first appeared as a system-wide setup on Android 10, and with Android 11 you can program and automate it. Set the time you want it to turn on or off each day manually by setting the time within settings.

Like many apps and other Android phones, you can also choose to wake up at sunset and turn off at sunrise.

Airplane mode doesn’t kill Bluetooth

Earlier, turning on airplane mode would also kill Bluetooth on your phone, which doesn’t make much sense. People using airplane mode may have Bluetooth headsets connected, resulting in having to turn Bluetooth on again. In Android 11, Bluetooth stays on when airplane mode is activated.

Redesigned notifications

The good news is that Android 11 exploits and classifies notifications into relevant groups, so conversations, like the aforementioned SMS messages, appear at the top in their own easy-to-read section, making it easier to respond quickly. and continue with your tasks. Separating them from the other things that you probably don’t care that much about.

In addition to that, the actual visual interface of the notifications has been altered and developed during the preview phase of Android 11. There are some slides and gradients added in the latest update, giving it a bit more finesse.

IPhone screenshot images

Like other Android manufacturers, and indeed the iPhone, they do, when you take a screenshot, you will see a small thumbnail of that screenshot in the bottom corner of the screen. It has a small ‘x’ to discard it, as well as the ‘share’ and ‘edit’ options. That means it no longer occupies a full notification at the top of the screen.

Message bubbles

When you receive a message through the regular messaging app, you can make a notification appear in a floating bubble on the screen similar to how Facebook Messenger Chat Heads works.

Eventually, this will be available to other third-party apps, but it’s currently just the one. To use it, just tap and hold a message notification and tap “show in bubble”, and now you get your bubbles.

From this point on, until you remove the bubble from the screen, any new messages will appear as a window for this bubble. We assume that this same method will apply as long as application developers like WhatsApp and Telegram implement the capability in their applications.

Back gesture sensitivity

When you have turned on Android gesture navigation, swiping from the edge replaces the ‘back’ button. In Android 11, you can adjust how sensitive you want this gesture to be, this will come in handy if you are in an app with its own dedicated controls and gestures near the edge of the screen. You can even individually adjust settings for each side of the screen.

Enhanced permissions

Google has been making Android more secure with each update. Last year, with Android 10, the company reviewed how location permissions are granted to apps and gave us a bit more granular control over an app’s access to our location data.

With Android 11, Google has made location permissions even tighter and added granular control over more permissions, like the camera and microphone.

Pin apps to the top of the share sheet

Lastly, in our list of things that we can really show you, you are placing apps at the top of your action sheet. If you regularly use the same few applications to share links or files, you can have them at the top of the sharing pop-up window, making them easier to access.

Of course there are other changes. Pixel 4 users are getting new aerial gestures that they can use to control the phone using the front Soli motion sensor chip.

There are also improvements and better support for folding screens and phones with different notches.

When is Android 11 being released?

As with most presentations and launch events for 2020, Google is changing its big reveal online. The Android 11 beta launch program will begin at 11 a.m. ET on June 3. At this point, we will find out how many of the new features actually make it to the final software.

The first public beta will likely to belaunch around that time, but the official public release of the final software won’t normally launch until a few months later, usually in the fourth quarter, when the new phones are released.

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