Saris Mzumbe: MU-ARMS: Saris Login

Saris Mzumbe: MU-ARMS

MU-ARMS- stands for Mzumbe University Academic Records Management System previous known as Saris Mzumbe which is Mzumbe University Student Information System is a web-based application which, primarily established to serve the role of keeping records of data and facilitates various students’ academic functionalities which include;

Students’ Registration
Students’ Bills Payments
Examinations Results
Students’ files tracking

Mzumbe University Academic Records Management System (MU-ARMS ) acts as a center and linkage of everything that arises between student and university. The system provides easy access for university students and staff to perform the different tasks in the comfort of their homes. Here we’ll take you through MU-ARMS: Saris Login and give you all details you may be looking for concerning Saris Mzumbe.

MU-ARMS; Saris Login

To login to Saris account is easy, but you need to have a device with access to the internet connection

Open a web browser of your choice then Visit:”“.

Once you are on Mzumbe University Academic Records Management System login page you must fill the login form with the correct username and password and then click on the SIGN IN BOTTON

Saris Mzumbe: MU-ARMS

In case you forget or don’t know your login password you can click on FORGOT PASSWORD below the login form to reset your account password.


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