The top 20 football clubs with the largest social media followings in the world

Every football fan will claim that their club is the biggest in the world,since we all have same right to speak and express what we are feeling. But coming to fact and stats how is the size of a club truly measured? Of course the answer to that question will always not be simple as there number of question that we need to ask ourselves for ex,
Is it based on history? Do more trophies make one team bigger than another? Or perhaps it’s based on current form – are Liverpool and Manchester City now England’s top two clubs?

It all comes down to opinion of course and many supporters will have their own argument that backs up their own side.

But another way clubs could be ranked is on social media followers.

Like it or not, being popular on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is a big part of modern football.

So which teams are the biggest in the world based on their online following? Check out the top 20 below (all figures accurate at the time of writing on 17/10/2019):basing on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

20) Boca Juniors – 16,285,317 followers

19) Fenerbache – 20,851,270 followers

18) Corinthians – 21,517,168 followers

17) Tottenham – 21,787,868 followers

16) Flamengo – 22, 995, 937 followers

15) Inter Milan – 23,072,360 followers

14) Atletico Madrid – 26,562,835 followers

13) Borussia Dortmund – 26,882,383 followers

12) Galatasaray – 29,177,682 followers

11) AC Milan – 38,225,441 followers

10) Manchester City – 60,718,505 followers

9) Liverpool – 67,883,909 followers

8) Arsenal – 68,650,732 followers

7) Paris Saint-Germain – 70,067,458 followers

6) Bayern Munich – 72,855,574 followers

5) Juventus – 79,422,589 followers

4) Chelsea – 80,475,417

3) Manchester United – 125,255,379 followers

2) Barcelona – 211,914,075 followers

1) Real Madrid – 222,471,779 followers



Interestingly, a majority of every club’s followers come from Facebook, with Twitter usually being the platform they have the least amount of fans on.

It’s also crazy to see just how far ahead the top two – Real and Barca – are ahead of every other team.

No wonder El Clasico is considered the biggest fixture in the world, given how much interest both Spanish sides have.

But does their dominance on social media make Madrid and Barcelona the two biggest clubs in the world? Some fans will agree, while many of course, will not.

There we have it, the largest teams in the world based on social networks following across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Interestingly, most of the fans of all clubs come from Facebook, and Twitter is usually the platform where they have fewer fans.

It’s also crazy to see how far the first two are, Real and Barça, ahead of all the other teams.

It is not surprising that El Clasico is considered the largest fixture in the world, given the interest of both Spanish sides.

But does their dominance in social networks make Madrid and Barcelona the two biggest clubs in the world? Some fans will agree, while many, of course, will not.Drop your comment below.

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