Vifurushi Vya Chuo Vodacom 2021

Vifurushi Vya Chuo Vodacom

Vifurushi Vya Chuo Vodacom ( Vodacom UNI Offer 2021) ni vifurishi vinavyotolewa na vodacom kwa wanafunzi wa vyuo. Vodacom UNI offers are only available to students registered with NACTE or TCU and are Fully registered subscribers on our network who qualify to be students.

Vifurushi Vya Chuo Vodacom ( Vodacom UNI Offer 2021)
Vodacom UNI Offer 2021

How can I register For Vodacom UNI Offer?

To register for Vodacom UNI Offer easy and free. If you are not yet registered and you don’t know how to do so you can read our article on Vodacom University Offer Online Registration.

Once you are registered dial *149*42# to get all the UNI Offers or access the offers via Vodacom Official website or MYVodacom App.

How much does it cost to be whitelisted with Vodacom UNI Offers?

To be whitelisted is completely FREE to access these offers.

Why Vodacom University Offers?

Enjoy being connected while you are at UNI with the Super Network. Vodacom brings you the UNI Registration portal and UNI Offers where you can register and get access to all the great and exclusive offers on special menu for UNI registered students.

Hurry and register to get offer of a kind for Tsh2000 with 512MB + 180minutes VODA + 20minutes All-net + 200 SMS for 7 Days, also with great PinduaPindua offers.

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